Technology Consulting

Many companies today are undergoing expansions, renovations, or building replacement facilities. Your organization is probably one of many that are going through the pains of a major construction project. One of the important decisions that you will face in this process is whether or not you will require technology consulting services to get the job done.

Rapid advances in technology require being on top of what’s happening now and what’s coming in the future. Without that information, your facility’s technology and possibly your infrastructure could be obsolete much too soon. If you have an IT staff, our technology consulting services supplement the expertise of your people. They bring additional knowledge, diverse experiences, alternative perspectives, and new ideas to your technology planning process. If you don’t have an IT staff, then it’s not really a question of ‘IF?’ but of ‘WHEN?’.

A technology consultant helps translate your goals and objectives into the design/specification process. This allows everyone involved to understand and agree on the technology objectives for the project and establishes appropriate budgets early in the planning process. This eliminates nasty last minute budget “surprises.” Technology consultants have cost information not available to internal staff, many of whom will only experience larger construction projects once in their career.

CompuCraft can consult with your organization on an array of technology challenges and solutions such as process management, software testing and selection, cloud application management, network planning, best practice adherence, and much more. Let our many years of experience in IT consulting services in a wide range of industries give your organization a competitive edge.

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