IT Service Agreements

CompuCraft offers a variety of IT Service Agreements to fit your organization’s needs and budget. From the comprehensive Encompass™ Pro plan to the proactive Encompass™ plan to the responsive Evergreen contract, CompuCraft offers a solution that’s right for your organization.

When compared to ad-hoc, or emergency service requests, here a few of the benefits our IT Service Agreements have to offer:

  • Increased Productivity – CompuCraft Managed IT Services makes it possible for IT professionals to keep a close eye on your company at all times. With CompuCraft handling all of the hard work, this leaves more time for your business to accomplish other, possibly more important tasks.
  • Peace of Mind – With remote access, CompuCraft’s staff can assure your company will never have to worry about “technical” issues again. Remote access allows our staff to tackle those problems right away. No more waiting for what seems like forever for a solution.
  • Flexibility – Our Service Agreements offer flexibility in both prices and plans. Whether you have 4 computers or 400, we’ll be sure to meet all your technical needs.

CompuCraft offers a Service Agreement that’s right for your organization.


Proactive IT management of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Our premier plan for small businesses and other organizations. Click here for more information.

Encompass™ Pro

Comprehensive IT management agreements that includes hardware, software, maintenance, and support in one easy-to-budget plan. Click here for more information.

Evergreen Contracts

Our responsive block-hour agreements put you in the driver’s seat and guarantee minimum response times for critical IT needs. Click here for more information on our service agreements.

If you’re tired of wasting valuable company time due to technical problems, our a CompuCraft Service Agreement is the answer for your business. With its numerous benefits and advantages, you can feel secure knowing that your IT operations are in good hands with CompuCraft. If you have questions about this service or would like to discuss pricing information please call us at (616) 454-3442 or use our contact form.

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