William Smith

Administrative Team

BillSmith copy (1) In 1984, Bill Smith began using Macintosh computers, and so began the roots of CompuCraft. While working on his masters thesis, Bill began looking for a faster means of writing and editing. During this time, Bill became frustrated by a lack of prompt and professional service by local technology companies. He quickly began the process of training technicians in professional service response and repair.

By 1987, it became evident that the West Michigan business community was looking for a firm that focused on the professional maintenance of business computers. Business productivity has become the key ingredient to CompuCraft’s success. 
Bill holds a Masters Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University and has been a regular GVSU Marketing instructor for over 20 years.

In 2001 GVSU recognized Bill as an Outstanding Entrepreneur Alum. He recently received recognition as the first adjunct faculty of GVSU to earn the Pew Teaching Excellence Award.

Jillian Cobb

Administrative Team
Executive Assistant

jill_cJill began working at CompuCraft as a part-time receptionist, while attending college. During her college career, Jill began taking over more administrative duties and eventually became the full-time Administrative Assistant. She has also received recognition as an Apple Product Professional. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, she took over the position of Executive Assistant to Bill. Jill helps keep CompuCraft running smoothly.

Marie Barney

Administrative Team
Office Manager


Marie began her career at CompuCraft in September of 1990, as the Administrative Clerk doing purchasing and billing. She has worked in 3 different locations as the company has grown through the years. Her current position as Office Manager covers a lot of areas: Purchasing, Billing, Inventory, Insurance Administrator, Payroll Administrator, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.


Jennifer McPherson

Administrative Team
Customer Relations Representative

jenni_mcJenni began working for CompuCraft in August of 2011 as an Administrative Assistant. She received recognition as an Apple Product Professional in September of 2011. Jenni’s administrative duties include answering phones, greeting customers, managing mail and helping with daily shipping and receiving. She is also highly adept at managing service jobs as they flow through CompuCraft.

Marie Savage

Administrative Team
Administrative Assistant

mariesmith-1Marie began her CompuCraft journey in June of 2013 as an Administrative Assistant. A few of her administrative responsibilities include answering phone calls, greeting customers, shipping and receiving, and occasionally assisting customers in the showroom. Marie is well-versed in Apple’s technology offerings, and especially knowledgeable when it comes to iOS devices.


Lance Denhof

Sales Team
Director of Sales

LanceDenhof copy (1)

Lance joined the CompuCraft team after managing a team in the Lansing area, within the technology field. Lance’s primary goal is to develop CompuCraft’s sales team to match the elite level of support our service team provides. Gaining market share with quality, satisfied clients is what keeps Lance driving forward in this sales management position.



Joe Ubaldo

Sales Team
Vice President

joe_uJoe’s association with Macintosh computers begin while attending the University of Michigan in 1996. In addition to concentrating on his studies, he worked as a support specialist at U of M’s main campus computer lab. In 2001, he started selling Macs and providing guidance and support to Mac users throughout West Michigan. He merged his company (Mac Solutions Group) with CompuCraft in 2006. He is the Vice President of CompuCraft and lead sales specialist.


 Carrie Nielsen

Sales Team
Technology Solutions Consultant

carrie_nCarrie Nielsen started at CompuCraft in February of 2003, as the Sales Coordinator. Carrie was hired in to handle advertising, organizing seminars, email blasts, maintaining CompuCraft’s website, inventory control and to assist other salesman with the everyday sales calls and walk in traffic. She has attended several ASMC seminars with fellow Apple Specialists from around the country. Carrie quickly became Apple Product Professional and after years of being the Sales Coordinator, has moved to a full time outside sales position. Carrie is now out on the road doing what she loves, working one on one with her clients as a Computer Systems Consultant, and considers herself a true Mac addict. Though Apple is her passion, she is knowledgeable about mixed environments using PC’s as well.

She is also fully experienced in selling Xerox, Adobe, Canon, Meraki and Kerio products, just to name a few.

 Her goal is to form more great relationships and hopes to earn the opportunity to work with you!

In memory of our colleague, Richard Olthoff

Sales Team
Sales Consultant

bill_oRichard Olthoff spent 16 years with CompuCraft as a dedicated team member. Sadly, he passed away in an accident on July 19, 2014. He will always be a part of our team and will stay in our hearts and memories.


Cory Visser

Sales Team
Technology Solutions Consultant

CoryVisser copy (1)

Cory joined CompuCraft in August 2015, after working in the technology field for several years. After growing up on the lakeshore, Cory graduated from Calvin College in 2010, revealing his loyalty to West Michigan. He is also dedicated to helping businesses become successful in increasing employee efficiency and productivity. His devotion to building new relationships, combined with his competitive nature, makes Cory a great addition to the CompuCraft team.


Janice Dougherty

Service Team
Administrative Service Manager

janice_dJanice has been a member of the CompuCraft team since 1995. She was initially hired in as a receptionist. She currently works as the Service Department as the Administrative Service Manager. She manages the scheduling, invoicing and parts ordering for the service department.


Chad McDonald

Service Team
Director of Service Operations

chad_mcChad began working for CompuCraft in 2005, and stayed on as a full time employee after graduating from GVSU with a degree in Business Management (Information System Emphasis) in 2006. He oversees our service department. He maintained our clients’ Mac and PC workstations, networks, and servers for many years before attaining his current role as director of service operations for the organization. Chad serves a primary role in the design and implementation of CompuCraft’s own IT systems and hosted service offerings.  His areas of expertise lie in cross-platform network environments, Mac and Windows server technologies (email, web, file sharing, etc.), and network routing and security (routers and firewalls).

Brian Swets

Service Team
vCIO | Corporate Development

Brian joined the CompuCraft team in 2003. His specialties include business technology strategy development, creative workflow management, and buzzword-laden list generation. A longtime Mac specialist, Brian returned to CompuCraft after getting his degree in economics from Michigan State University. Please do not bring up Comic Sans, supply and demand, or oxford commas around him; it will not go well. Go Green!


Michael Fehrenbach

Service Team
Professional Services Engineer

mike_fMichael began working for CompuCraft in 2006 after a promising career in Gangsta Rap was cut short due to turf toe. He installs, implements and maintains Mac-based workstations, networks and servers. No slouch around the workbench, he can dissect and reassemble laptops and desktops with nary a spare screw remaining. He has some catchy ‘lil acronyms attached to his job title, which include Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator for Mac OS X 10.5 (ACTC). Windows? Forget it. No, really—forget it.

Eric Franklin

Service Team
Network Operations Engineer

eric_fEric started working at CompuCraft in February of 2000. His expertise lies in Mac OS X servers and Xerox printers. He is a lead field technician and is as happy configuring firewalls and wireless access points, as he is tweaking a windows server. Eric is the go to guy for many of our contract clients.


Dan Davis

Service Team
Technical Alignment Engineer

dan_dDan Davis has been a member of CompuCraft’s Service team since 2006, but has been working in IT for far longer. His areas of expertise are in graphic arts, Windows/Mac interoperability, PC and Mac hardware repair, and OS X/Windows software repair. Yes, he does do Windows.


John Cantrell

Service Team
Remote Support Engineer


John came to Compucraft in September 2014 with several years of experience in providing remote and on-site technology support. Proficient with Microsoft products, Meraki solutions, and a rapidly increasing knowledge of the Mac platform, he’s ready for your next help desk challenge. John aims to be your “go to” guy, efficiently solving your organization’s technology woes, allowing you more time to focus on your business.


Nathan Coonen

Service Team
Director of Client Services

image2Born and raised in West Michigan, Nathan has over a decade of experience working within local Internet Service Providers. During his time in the ISP world, he gained a wealth of experience in remote support, wireless network engineering, and providing a great experience to customers and resellers alike.

Nathan then took advantage of a tremendous opportunity with Apple in their AppleCare division, where he started by modeling superior customer service and technical support skills. He was later called upon to lead teams, develop advisors, and was key in the training and mentoring of over 1,000 full time and rotational iOS chat advisors.

Eager to challenge himself, Nathan left the comfy confines of Apple, and joined CompuCraft with the intent to be part of the local linchpin’s exciting evolution and growth. CompuCraft’s culture and outstanding community reputation were major factors in his move, and his new cohorts have absolutely lived up to that high praise.

Bryant Hicks

Service Team
Professional Services Engineer

BryantHicks copy (2)Bryant knew he was destined to work with computers since he crafted his first desktop. Through high school, he took all the tech related classes that were offered, and his love for tinkering with anything technological grew. When faced with the huge decision of what to study in college, he decided to earn a degree in Computer Science from Central Michigan University.

He started his career in the IT world fresh out of college as the go-to-guy in the IT department for a local medical company. There Bryant learned not only how to work with the IT environment of the company, as well as working with the people using technology daily, to keep things running smoothly.

He now enjoys working with CompuCraft’s clients to help satisfy any and all of their IT needs.

Travis Rolph

Service Team
Bench Repair Technician

TravisRolph (1)Travis began his CompuCraft adventure in November 2016, when he joined the service team as a Bench Repair Technician. After working eight years in the radio industry as an On-Air DJ and Production Engineer, his career interests suddenly turned toward IT after allowing his brother to borrow his laptop, and ultimately teaching himself how to repair the laptop after it was returned. Passionate about technology, hiking with his Australian Shepherd and participating in paintball tournaments; Travis’ vast experiences have led him to call West Michigan his “home.”



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