Mac / PC Specialist

We directly partner with leading hardware and software manufacturers and developers to provide the most current industry standard PC and Mac support and innovation. We offer comprehensive business solutions, designed so you can concentrate on your work, without having to worry about your technology. We are hardware and platform agnostic, supporting both Apple/Mac and a variety of Windows- and Linux-based PC platforms as well as many cloud-based services.

We can design your computer environment, whether one machine or a multi-site network, so that it works flawlessly while being stable and secure. From router to server to desktop end user, we provide a seamless, simple, complete, and effective IT environment. We are particularly attuned to technological needs and requirements; thus ensuring the most efficient, cost effective design and deployment of PC or Mac network and database configuration. We are adept and practiced in business continuity and disaster recovery.

We maintain the highest level of certification to support all of our clients’ business system needs by providing ongoing training for our staff. Our technicians have up-to-date training combined with seasoned expertise and cutting-edge tools to keep your systems running at peak performance. As MAC and PC Specialists, we offer on–site and in–store services such as:

  • Technology & Infrastructure analysis
  • Purchasing recommendations & procurement
  • System and network configuration
  • Software installation
  • Custom software solutions
  • Mobile-IT services
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and support

Know that your network—and subsequently your business—is safe from viruses, disasters and hackers. Our professional support will be there when you need it so you can concentrate on your business, without concern for your computing infrastructure.

The CompuCraft Team’s current certifications include:


  • Certified Apple Specialists
  • Certified AppleCare Premium Service Providers (warranty service)
  • AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider)
  • ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians)
  • ACTC (Apple Certified Technical Coordinators)

Hewlett Packard

  • ASC (HP Enterprise Storage Solutions)
  • ASP (HP Network Storage Solutions)
  • ASP (HP Enterprise Solutions)
  • APC (HP StorageWorks Solutions)


  • Certified IT Professionals

Absolute Software

  • Absolute Manage Administration Certifcation


  • SonicWALL firewall software and appliance sales
  • Installation and support training plus over 10 years of firewall experience
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