Industries Served

CompuCraft serves consumers and works with all types of businesses in many different industries including, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, and many more.

  • SMBs (Small & Medium sized Businesses) and Large Enterprise
      If your business is demanding more from information technology, but have noticed technology is becoming more complex and have found a shortage of information technology resources – then CompuCraft can enhance your business operations with its managed business IT Services.
  • Education
      If you’re looking for either a procurement solution, a timesheet tracking system, an expense or budget management system, a combination thereof or you want to automate business processes that, without automation, you would do using paperwork and spreadsheets, then our education IT services can help.
  • Legal
      We understand the unique technology needs and requirements of the legal community. Schedule a no obligation consultation today with one of our legal technology consultants who can work with you to determine the best legal IT services to meet your challenges.
  • Medical
      We provide comprehensive medical IT services and solutions that reduce client costs associated with staffing and management of your enterprise solutions and eliminate the need for hardware investments. Our hosting solutions include secure server data storage, service monitoring, data backups and disaster recovery.
  • Manufacturing
      We offer manufacturing IT services for growth and profitability for all types and sizes of industries. From small to large manufacturers you can choose from a variety of IT solutions to fit your needs.
  • Marketing / Creative Professionals
      We have years of experience providing marketing IT services to creative professionals in varying capacities, including: designers, artists, editors, filmmakers, sound designers, photographers, special effects artists, teachers, and more. Put our talents to work for you.


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